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Rainy day boxes full of activities like you see on the blog can be shipped to your door, ready for whenever you need something new for the kids.  Likewise, travel busy bags or a bag of minimalist toys for an upcoming trip. Leave it to me! Get in touch to discuss!  All activities will be constructed with creativity, education and entertainment in mind, tailored to your child's age.

If you are NYC-based, time-strapped and in need of some Mamatomo magic


Services available in-home within the New York City area:


Teaching phonics and reading to your child. Fun and creative games are guaranteed. Please see blog topic on education and relevant videos for an idea of what to expect.


Having lived in three continents and travelled across the world, I have a sensitivity to the great array of cultures across the world. If you are preparing to move abroad, I can prepare a lesson or a series of lessons to introduce your children to the culture and food of the country to which you will be moving. Crafts, games and fun activities are, of course, guaranteed.


For collaborations or anything at all - drop me a line. I am always delighted to hear from you!


Services are charged per hour. In home services are offered within the New York area ONLY and a minimum number of hours may apply. Please make contact for further information.

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